Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I know, I'm a terrible blogger!

But life has been pretty good over here. It took me awhile to physically recover from our trip, especially the unexpected monkey wrenches with staying overnight, especially in the thin air of Salt Lake City.

But I do have some amazing news...

In April, Matt and I will be going on a cruise! My lovely, wonderful, amazing, God sent husband, got us a cruise from South America to San Diego for my Christmas gift... I can't wait, and as an incentive to blog, I'll be writing more later.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks to Piper who tagged me on her blog, I get to join in on the photo fun. The rules are pretty simple:

1.) Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.

2.) Select your 4th picture (no exceptions)! Seriously.. no exceptions.

3.) Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger.

4.) Tag 4 people to do the same!!

This was Matt's and my first Halloween together, just a few weeks after we got married. His pumpkin is on the left, mine on the right!

And I tag...

Froggy Momma :)