Monday, December 29, 2008

How to get back to Eugene in 30 hours

Take my last entry... replace the long delay due to fuel line on plane with lacking crew but having plane, make the location Atlanta. Then take the overnight in Cincinnati and replace it with Salt Lake City and you have a rough story line of our trip back.

But... we are home.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to get to South Carolina in 30 hours

So we are in South Carolina, but it definitely was not the smooth trip that I wanted! Prayers worked for clear weather in Eugene. It warmed late Wednesday, then rained all night, not dropping below 35 degrees. We arrived at the airport at 4 am, got through security no problem, then boarded our plane on time, and left Eugene at 6:05 A.M.. On to Salt Lake City we headed, grateful for our good fortune with the weather. We arrived at Salt Lake City, where our smooth trip went down the drain. Our connecting flight to Cincinnati was delayed about an hour because they needed to fly a part in from Atlanta. We settled in the chairs at the airport, knowing that with the delay we'd miss our connection. The airline had already rerouted us to go to Cincinnati, then Atlanta, then finally Charlotte, and also put us on standby for the final direct flight from Cincinnati to Charlotte. We knew it would be a much longer day, but had faith we would make it.
Well... then we watched as our flight delayed further. Then the part from Atlanta did not work. They then decided to replace the entire fuel line of the plane. An hour longer of repair turned into a half hour longer, than a half hour more. Finally 5 hours after our flight was scheduled to depart, they decided that the plane in fact could not be repaired in a timely matter... and they got us another plane. At this point, everyone on our flight was unable to get their connections in Cincinnati. We landed in Cincinnati at nearly 10 PM... where we were sent downstairs to collect our accommodations in local hotels, paid for by the airline since it was their fault that we found ourselves in Northern Kentucky. Yes, you read that right... the Cincinnati airport is in Kentucky. We "lucked" out with our accommodations and ended up at the Hyatt. Some of our fellow "distressed passengers" were sent to budget inns! We also were unable to lay hands our our checked bags... so all we had was our laptops, my medical stuff... and well, that's about all! Matt didn't even have his coat, figuring the bulk of our time outside was spent in Eugene, so he checked it! 32 degrees and waiting for a hotel shuttle was not fun for him! The airline provided us with a small bag with a toothbrush, hairbrush, a packet of toothpaste, q-tips, cotton balls, a t-shirt, and most baffling of all, a packet of laundry detergent. I suppose they expected passengers to find a washing machine and wash the clothes on their back while wearing only a t-shirt? The visual image of that had me giggling pretty good.
After a short rest at the hotel... where my body decided I was napping and not sleeping, so I didn't sleep much at all, we found ourselves at the airport at 615 am, ready for our 8 something departure to Charlotte. At this point I wasn't sure what time it was, let alone what time zone I was in. It's a good thing we got out of Eugene, as the weather turned nasty again after we left, dumping more snow on the city that sees it maybe once to twice a year, and almost never before Christmas.
Our plane in Cincinnati boarded a few minutes late, but we thought we were finally on our way... only to get stuck on the tarmac waiting for a place in line to take off... then Charlotte grounded all incoming flights for fog... finally after sitting on the ground for about 30 minutes, we took to the air... and finally arrived in the Carolina's... only a day late!

But we are here, and happy!

Monday, December 15, 2008


It snowed last night and today! I love the snow, but hope it doesn't interfere with our travel on Thursday. Right now they are calling for more snow and freezing rain on Wednesday night and Thursday, so things don't look so good! But I'll enjoy it while it's just pretty and not messing up my plans!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I know I have not posted about my health in awhile, so I'll be doing that, after I make a few random musings!

First, as to my last entry, Carleton University did reinstate the CF Fundraiser. This, however, was not the biggest issue in my mind. It was the terrible spirit in which it was removed, the lack of research that went into it, and the lack of foresight by the students of the board to not realize how badly the motion would reflect upon them. The writer of the petition has since resigned, but it took nearly a week before any real apology was issued by any of the principle people involved. That to me is disgusting. But I digress...

On the non-health front, life it pretty darn good. My roommate Richard moved out, leaving just Matt my husband, myself, and our roommate Tyrone. A change, both good and bad. Thanksgiving was at my house, celebrated by Matt, Tyrone, my parents, my Grandma Vickie, and my Great Aunt Flora and her daughter Susan. Food came out very well, and then I spent 14 hours sleeping off my hard labor :) This Christmas will find Matt and I, along with my parents and sister in South Carolina at Matt's family. It will be the first time that they've really met, as only Matt's mother and aunt were able to make it to our Reno wedding. I am so excited for this trip, as the days tick ever closer. I love Matt's family so much and I'm so happy to see them and have one big meeting of people that I hold near and dear to my heart.

On the health front...

The last several weeks have been tough. I've not been well, but I've not been sick. It started with a severe cold a few weeks ago, that settled in my chest. I was never sick enough to say "I'm sick and I need antibiotics", but I was also never well enough to really feel good. With our upcoming trip, I decided that if I was not in top form, I'd get really sick, so I went on oral antibiotics and prednisone last week. I feel a lot better... better than I've felt in a few weeks :) Pray that my body can handle the long trip and the stress that undoubtedly comes from being away from the home environment.