Monday, December 15, 2008


It snowed last night and today! I love the snow, but hope it doesn't interfere with our travel on Thursday. Right now they are calling for more snow and freezing rain on Wednesday night and Thursday, so things don't look so good! But I'll enjoy it while it's just pretty and not messing up my plans!


Christy said...

Oh how beautiful!! I'm SO jealous. They call for 1/2 inch of snow here and people rush to the store to get all the bread and milk and then we only get flurries.. haha.
Enjoy and thanks for sharing the pics!

whatsherface said...

Does it normally snow there?! It really is beautiful, but man, I'd sure hate to have to make my way through it.

I'm glad you can appreciate it for all its good things (not like me who'd be cursing and whining and carrying on, lol).

whatsherface said...

oh, p.s. This is Rhi (don't know if I commented here before, hehe)