Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's been awhile...

a hard while.

Several friends have died of CF. Close friends... ones that I'm not sure I am even ready to process their passing, and am frightened about my own well being... one was even healthier than me... before she came down with H1N1. Each deserve their own words, when I am ready... and tonight I am ready to give words to Paul Mooney, lovingly known as Q.

Q helped me earn back confidence as a writer. As somebody who actually knew the English language. In college, I has a professor who basically destroyed any confidence I had in writing and a good chunk of my self worth.

Q, as the gifted writer that we know him to be, helped me rediscover the writer that I was before that professor. The girl, who while may not always have pitch perfect grammar and spelling, is able to turn a phrase in an unexpected way, bring home a point, and find a unique voice among common words.

The fact that Q, as this gifted writer, and a professor in his own right, valued and sought out my opinion about issues related to writing... I don't have the words to really express what that meant to me.

Thank you Q, for making me feel like I had some worth... I may even be able to finish that book, in your hono