Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Clinic

Went to CF clinic today. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. Up until last week, I was pretty sure that I may end up in the hospital. The last few days, despite increasing severity of allergy symptoms, I thought maybe I'd avoid the hospital.


My lung function went up. It inched up, slightly, so that my total capacity is 52% of what would be expected for my weight and height, while the amount of air I can force out in the first second, the number my clinic is most interested in, was at 44%, also a gain from last time. My weight stayed stable... a good thing and a bad thing. At least I didn't go down, but I really need to put on weight. More working and struggling with that.

Thank you for your prayers. I jump in lung function in the peak of allergy season is a huge blessing.


Karen said...

Hey Talana,

I just found your blog from the CF forum. I'm glad your PFT's are up a bit!! I like the fact that you are a huge Obama fan! Love it! Like your blog design and set up...good job. I'll see ya on the forum (Skye).


Beverly said...

Hi, Talana,
I haven't been by for a while. I had your blog bookmarked, but I think it went into cyberspace. I'm glad to hear that your lung functions are up.
My little granddaughter is here for a week; in fact, the week is almost over, and we've had so much fun. It is hard to believe that she has CF because she is so healthy right now.