Monday, August 25, 2008

Update a Long Time Coming

I know I haven't posted forever. Honnestly, I don't have a good reason at all. I haven't been in a depressive hole that keeps me from updating. I've been busy, but not every single day. Life has just settled into a comfortable pattern, and for some reason writing just seems nearly impossible.

I had a good birthday... that was over a month ago. I had a good visit with the diabetes doctor where I found out that the pill that I've been on is working, so I won't have to go on insulin :D My sinuses threw me more issues, I had to go on prednisone, but I think that already they are starting to go downhill again. I also came down with a pretty intense chest cold that I got antibiotics for. They knocked down the infection, but I really don't feel like I bounced back all the way. My body feels a bit weaker... I think that I'll probably need a hospital stay after we get back from Seattle... Yup, we're headed up to Seattle on Wednesday and getting home on Sunday. I promise to try my hardest to post stellar pictures. I also became an aunt again in the time that I haven't been posting. Matt's sister had a beautiful baby boy, who I cannot wait to meet in December when we go out to South Carolina for Christmas.

I know I've been missed :) I also need to share pictues of my BEAUTIFUL new bedroom set. My garden has also started to produce a lot of good food... mmmm food. Today is a lazy day on the couch... reserving my energy to have as much as possible for Seattle.

Love to all my friends...


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Froggymama said...

Congrats on becoming an aunt again! And I can't wait to see pictures of Seattle. I'm so envious of life in the Northwest. Maybe someday I will convince my husband that a little rain never hurt anybody. Hope you're feeling better. xoxo