Thursday, November 6, 2008

Am I American Now..........

I've stayed away from politics here. I prefer to have a lot of give and take when I talk politics, and it couldn't possibly be good for me to just go off on my own. If you feel you need to leave my blog because of this... than that is your choice, although I question the wisdom of only reading material that agrees. I spend hours each week reading material that agrees with my views, and does not. Small shifts happen in my viewpoints because of this, and I am able to feel stronger in my convictions. This most likely will be the only time I touch on this subject.

That said, I'm ecstatic. In President-elect Obama I see a quality that I've not seen in politics that has overlapped with my life... but I see the potential in him that I see when I look at FDR, Lincoln, or JFK.

That said... I'm disgusted by things that people are saying about our President-Elect now that it is over. First off, many off them are filled with a vitriolic tone that should never come out of the mouth of someone that claims they are Christian... sadly most do. A Christian should accept what has happened, because as they always say "all in God's plan". What if this is God's plan... no one is able to say. It is this hatred, the spewing of biblical passages to slander, that helps turn people away from faith. I believe in God. But when I hear the bible used to hate, to slam, to judge anyone that disagrees with a select group of "Christians"... I wonder how many people they turned away, if I am disgusted. I pray for these people, that use their faith to wage harsh judgments. Who walk around with a sense of superiority. Jesus preached to the least among us. He did not judge... and as a Christian I am led to not judge others. So instead, I quietly pray for these people. That they will look at themselves and see if they are helping people find light, or find another reason to turn away.

There has been another question ringing in my ears since Tuesday night. The last 8 years have been filled with the slander "unpatriotic" the second anyone dared to question a Bush policy. "Your either with me or against me". If I was not happy about something happening in this country, my love of it was automatically questioned. Strange, when the foundations of this country were built by those seeking asylum from countries that ruled with such policies. However, many that threw these labels, are now the ones saying they will never be able to work with Obama. That no matter what, they will not be happy. I've read probably 100 blogs, ranging the spectrum from left to right, red to blue, in the last few days... and I never saw the question of patriotism of those that "refuse to work with Obama" questioned (I'm sure they exist, but out of my sample, I was unable to find one). The Mary Sunshine in me would love to believe that as a country we have moved past using such a misleading term, but I know that probably is not true. Because those that fervently pointed their fingers with their lips wrapped around the word "unpatriotic" are now wrapping their mouths around words of hate and discord. But, I would never call them unpatriotic. Just as it was my right, dare say, my responsibility to evaluate and question my leaders of the last 8 years, it is now their turn. But I hope that they are able to set aside their preconceived notions, and evaluate Obama by his on the job performance and not from their fear. I speak from a land of experience here. I was terrified when Bush was elected... but the most dire, most frightening predictions, never came true. Remember that when you read predictions. Did I agree with very little that the administration did in the last 8 years... yes. But I also tried to judge each step along the way. As the 8 years progressed, I did not lose a love for America, but I did not like our direction. It is possible to have both.

And a quick note to what I read in several blogs today. That they would not vote for a candidate who was not anti-abortion, and that is why they would never vote for Obama. That is fine, as that is their choice, but McCain also does not support the abolition of abortion. Yet, I only saw Obama's name mentioned. I wonder if they did enough research to know, or played ignorance. If you are going to be "pro-life" then by logical reasoning, you should support all diplomatic options before engaging in war that is very anti-life. You should support the health of your fellow citizen, as so many die in this country because of everything from lack of access to health care, improper diet, often spurred on by economic conditions, to countless others that choose between heat, food, or medicine. I don't know if full government funded health care is the answer, but we obviously have one that does not work. We are only as strong as our weakest links... and when a person can be denied insurance for a pre-existing condition, a disabled person has to wait 2 years before they get any insurance help from the federal government, and children who go years without seeing a doctor because a family cannot afford it with or without insurance... we have a lot of weak links.

And to those who wonder how people who voted for Obama could be so blind... I wondered the same about Bush. I gave him a chance, now it is your turn to do the same. It's all I ask of you... but if you don't... you are no less American.


Christy said...

I agree with your post. I have mostly voted Republican in the past... a few times Democrat, but this year became a Libertarian and voted that way.
As Christians, we should be praying for the new President.. not bashing him. I am so sick of the negative comments from so many people. We are America.. one nation. We shouldn't be divided. First it was Bush is the anti-Christ, now it's Obama. People are always going to find fault. If we all stood behind our leaders instead of taking so much time to criticize them, maybe things would be better.

Heidi Lynn said...


Well said and I agree. But, I would consider removing Lincoln from your list. Although none are perfect he is not the greatness our history books make us believe he was. He was actually pro-slavery, but wanted the presidency so agreed with the Republican party. He had a plans to ship all blacks back to Africa, but it was too expensive. This all being said I think all that you wrote was well said and needed to be said.

Froggymama said...

Amen sista!