Monday, September 7, 2009

More United Drama

So I am yet to hear back from United... but they added to their problems with our return flight home. Safe to say they will be getting an earful from me tomorrow, and if they choose to not act, I will be going to the media.

So, for our return flight, we decided to just check our bags, as we really didn't feel like dealing with drama. We were both tired, stressed, and since we already asked for a total of $80 to be refunded, we figured we'd check. I used United's online check in portal at the business center of the hotel. With two checked bags, one for each my husband and me, the charge was $22. Why this is cheaper than the airport is beyond me, as it is the same amount of work on their side, but they'll do anything to get a dime off someone after it's too late to go the cheaper route. We use the credit card to pay the charge that is on the screen of $22. Then I look at the receipt that printed out... one bag for my husband... three bags for me... total of $168!!!!! I never said I had 3 bags, and I was displayed a charge of $22. Luckily the money is in the account, still, this holds up some of our money when it shouldn't be. We brought our issue to the ticket counter at SFO, where we were informed that they cannot issue refunds at the airport and I needed to call their refund line... which is closed for the holiday weekend. The ticket agent made it sound like the process should be easy, but since the receipt clearly states that "baggage fees are non-refundable", I doubt it will be easy.
Also Ted misquoted the amount that we would be charged for our bags. While he said we was charging us $20 for each bag, for a total of $40, something he confirmed when he handed us the receipt, they were really $15 each for a charge of $30. This was because we bought our tickets before May 14th according to United's website. Ted did not lie to us per say, but I really feel uncomfortable that he didn't know what he charged us, and didn't pay attention enough to know it was a different amount and let us know. He could have told us that the charge was different, but didn't. What if it was higher instead of lower? Would we have had no idea?

Tomorrow I will be contacting United. We'll see if they decide to atone for their mistakes or force me to go to the media.

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