Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today's Clinic...

Didn't go so great. Despite being up 10 lbs, which should be cause for celebration, my PFTs were down 5%. Under 30%. They wanted to admit me, start me on IVs, but I have to hold off. We have plans, and as I don't feel bad, I am going to go home to Oregon, then to South Carolina to see Matt's family, then I will go into the hospital. I know some people out there in cyberland think that I'm probably crazy for doing that, and that I'm not putting my health first. Maybe. But maybe not. Because I know my emotional and mental health would take a HUGE hit not going home in 8 days... it's my birthday weekend and I want to be home. And we haven't been to South Carolina in a year and a half, and I'm desperate to see that side of my family. Plus, I don't feel bad. Other than shortness of breath, I am trucking along just fine. So my doctor reluctantly handed me oral antibiotics and some prednisone. When I get back at the end of July, I'll go in for those IV's, as well as starting testing for a lung transplant evaluation.

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