Monday, March 10, 2008


I know I haven't updated for a bit. I've been pulling into myself a little more lately. Times like this I become less social, more disconnected, and I find it hard to make myself do my treatments. I had a long run of perfection, something that I didn't have forever, but I'm back to struggling with doing all of my treatments every single day. I just finished my morning treatments and I feel proud that I did them, as they are the ones that I struggle most with forcing myself to do. But I have had some people show concern about me not doing them... caring about me... something that I didn't really have or notice for my years of non-compliance. As much as I begrudge this attention, deep down I appreciate their concern for me. So I am picking myself back up and fighting... doing my meds.

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Becky Sprecher said...

Just wanna say I'm worried about you and encourage you to be compliant. I know that it is hard. I am sure that Ricky would never do his treatments if we didn't make him.