Sunday, May 11, 2008

Long Absence!

Alright, so I never intended to not post this long, but I've been out living life!

Since I last posted:

* I had a small bout of depression when I realized how much my health has slipped in three years time. I have always had small bouts like this where I fall into depression suddenly, then snap out just as suddenly. I'm back to normal me.

* I've decided that Elton John, Billy Joel, and Eric Clapton have a conspiracy to dislocate a finger of mine as I've been working on learning Circle of Life, Written in the Stars, Piano Man, and Wonderful Tonight on the piano. Hard but rewarding work. I've always thought of Piano Man as one piece I wanted to learn but never thought I would be good enough. I guess I am!

* Went back to the diabetes doctors. Since I had several high, but not starling high blood sugars, they decided that I would be fine without insulin, but I needed some form of management. So I was placed on Januvia, and newer pill designed for Type II diabetes. It has seemed to lower my blood sugars which is a super good thing.

* Went to CF clinic. My lung function was marginally down and my weight was the same. Lynn and I agree that with the combination of the weather changes, allergies, and a slight cold, my lungs took a beating, but were also doing surprisingly well. We decided that I probably would not need oral antibiotics, but she wants me to come back in a month to make sure that I am still remaining well.

* I shook Obama's hand! I've been interested in and inspired by him since his 2004 speech. He embodies much of my ideals in politics. I went and saw him his last swing through Eugene. I almost didn't go this time, but a strong voice in the back of my head told me to go. I was having trouble breathing when I arrived and I knew that walking the several blocks to the end of the line would be very painful. I spoke to some volunteers and staffers, and they allowed me to wait at the gate and cut to the front of the line... and I was right in front, 15 ft away from him while he spoke... then he came and shook hands.

Obama and Talana

* Otherwise, all is good. I should be posting pictures soon of my garden :) I have done a lot of work and have been rewarded with all of my veggie seeds sprouting and beginning to grow.

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Froggymama said...

Wow, that's wonderful you were able to meet him. I think he would be an amazing leader for our country and help unite the people and countries who have been so disconnected the past eight years. I hope to attend a rally when he comes to LA.