Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Clinic

I had my first visit today with the Las Vegas clinic... something major for me, since I've never seen anyone for my CF except for the doctors at OHSU. First impressions? I'm in good hands. It was a long visit, but I talked to the nutritionist, social worker, nurse, RT, and doctor.

The waiting room was a little scary... the clinic is located near where Vegas starts to turn scary... the area that any large city has. My Portland clinic is far from this area, and Eugene isn't big enough for an area like that, so it was a change to be sure... but once back in the clinic (though I do have to say the check in people were very nice), it was made of awesome.

I was called back into the clinic area, when I got the good ol weight... still sucky... 104 lbs, leaving me with a BMI a hair over 18. My o2 sat (the amount of blood cells that are saturated with oxygen) was 96%, which was surprisingly good for being at the higher elevation of Vegas and with as coughy as I've been lately.

Then I talked through my CF with the nurse... then time for my PFTs. Given how junky my lungs have been, I didn't hold out much hope. Yet, I saw the best numbers I've seen since May, and the third highest I've had in 2+ years. WOOO HOOO! Even though this clinic uses a different predictor model, even my raw numbers were up. Hello FEV1 of 38%.

Then more meeting of people, more talking, more seeing where we needed to go. They were encouraged that I am seemingly stable. Concerned about my problems with malaborbtion, despite being on a very high enzyme dose. So, to address it, I'm trying one week on the newest enzyme, Zenpep, to see if it makes a difference. I'm also going on a course of cipro to address some low lying infection issues, as well as trying singular for SOB issues.

Also on tap is getting my yearly bone scan and doing yet another night time o2 study to see if I need it!

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