Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bad Times are gone!

We have employment! An update on the major changes in our lives to come soon!

Bad times here at the Fairfax household. As of Thursday, Matt unexpectedly lost his job when his company shuttered their doors. They were the whole reason behind our move to Vegas last December, and now we have nothing coming in beyond my disability.

He's madly looking for another job... that may leave us here, take us back to Oregon, or anywhere between the Bay Area, to the Carolinas... but we have to find something.

I am of course, freaking out about medical costs, what to do about insurance, and all of that. Will be putting a call into the social worker here, and probably at my old clinic in Portland to see what my options are. Going on Medicare is an option, as well as Cobra, but we have no idea how much these two things will cost us. I have an okay stockpile on medications, though some I have virtually none.

I don't know where our lives are going to go. And that is terrifying. Though I really hate asking for help, I will include a link to my paypal. Even a few bucks will help us out right now, until we get our feet under us again. I've been in the position so long to be able to help, and have. It's strange and scary to be on the other side.

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