Thursday, November 5, 2009

CF Sucks

Already this month we've lost two in the CF community... two... and we're barely 5 days in.

Will's journey is one that I've been following for some time. He desperately needed lungs and received them over a year ago. Sadly, his body never really took well to them. He spent months on the vent, clinging to life, lost most of his sight, and also had severe kidney damage in the process. But rather than quitting, he kept fighting. He made it off that vent. He made it home. He made it to basketball games, his love, and he got to cuddle his sweet niece. And then today, he's gone. Nothing was easy for him, but I've learned so much through is blog about living to the best that you can with what you have. Will showed that tenfold.

Lauren was someone who was very involved in the CF forums, using her voice to offer encouragement, faith, and knowledge to other cystics. Her and her husband were an amazing example of a relationship that worked with all of the hassles of CF.

There are also so many that are so desperately sick right now that need prayers. One of my dear chat friends is on the vent, another is in the hospital with high fevers, and so many others are struggling with complications... it just freaking sucks.

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