Wednesday, November 4, 2009

H1N1 Shot!

So I missed yesterday... I chose to believe that the 3rd of November never existed.

Today, I had an adventure... I went to my local H1N1 shot clinic!

The county health department was offering shots for high risk groups at local schools this week. Knowing that we have MANY CFers very sick with H1N1 and some that have even lost their battle, I really wanted to get my shot ASAP. The clinic at the high school a mile down the road was open from 2-5. I showed up at noon... and was already about 70 people back in line.

I took my seat, between two parents getting shots for their asthmatic kids. I sat, played on my iphone, knitted (to which I was asked if I was doing needlepoint, ah men), and talked some with those around me.

Then some county health officials went down the line and asked why you needed the shot and handed out consent forms, based on if you were in the nasal mist category or the shot category. Cystics are the shot category, since even the weakened virus is not good for us.

I was hoping that if I had paperwork in hand, then I would be guaranteed a shot... but the county had a big debacle early this week because the city they were in gave out tickets, which the county didn't offer and they had people fighting over vaccine, so I took nothing for granted.

At a little after 2, after 2 hours in line, the line started moving forward. Those at the back of the line were turned away because they didn't have enough vaccine, as shown by they didn't have any more forms. Hope went up in me that I would get my shot.

Then slowly, slowly, slowly the line moved forward... finally I could see where they were giving the shot. I had to stand for forty five minutes, waiting for the backlog of people in front of me to clear, then I got screened again. Then in the line of screened people. We all were chatty here, where one old man gave me a line I think all us cystics should bother... "I have lungs like a parakeet!" It's so true... after a bit of chatting, then waiting... I GOT MY SHOT!

I'm proud to report I have not oinked yet.

So four hours,

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