Monday, November 2, 2009

New Kitten

One of the many things to happen during my neglect of the blog was finding a new and wonderful little kitten!

Our house backs up on a small green way that is a city park. We noticed this summer that a very small kitten was coming out of the park into our backyard. She was terrified of us, but also very curious about us humans, and would sometimes show off, playfully flirting from the safe distance of 20 feet away, then 15 feet, then 10. Through about three weeks, she slowly trusted being around us more, until she was coming up on our porch to eat the dry food we provided. Matt worked very hard with her to gain her trust, and slowly but surely, we finally were able to touch her. Around this time, she started limping very badly... and a pack of raccoons was stalking our porch at night, so we scooped her up and brought her inside. To say that she loves her new life would be an understatement. She loves cuddling with us, playing fetch, and just living life. She has an endless fascination with human food, and is unafraid to try any new taste... going as far as trying to steal white chocolate from my purse, popcorn from my bowl, and cheetos from the bag... all of which rank high on her list of best foods in the world.

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