Friday, February 1, 2008


You may be wondering why I have a post titled Extraordinary and a picture of my car keys.

It goes like this...

We rush around this world, but sometimes pausing, finding something unexpected in the soup of chaos and randomness... well that is the word extraordinary and my keys.

Think about it, on a basic level, extraordinary is a compound word composed of extra and ordinary. Extra means more... and ordinary means the same, normal. So if one were to logically think about them put together, wouldn't it mean more of the same? But it doesn't. When thrown together they have a magical interaction and go beyond their means to create something else. Something very special. Two simple words, boring on their own, together create synergy.

And my keys? I placed them down on the coffee table as I brought the mail in today, then went about my business. It was only when I looked at them later, that I noticed that in that moment rules of physics, normalcy, and tedium paused and made something that I probably could not do if I sat down and tried.

It makes me wonder where extraordinary things come from. A line up of small boring things that all come together at the right moments and make something that probably shouldn't happen. Something that should not happen. So take a moment and stop, and look at a little piece of something unexpected.

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