Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Stars Lined Up

This is Chapter 14 in my history:

As I said last chapter, one email changed my life during my November 2005 hospital stay. Here's the story:

I had been single for some time. I had dated a few guys in my life, but nothing ever felt serious. I never seemed to meet guys that were interested in me, my social circle limited. One night while feeling pretty down on myself, I posted on my Live Journal: "Seriously, if any of you know a guy for me, let me know, I promise I won't do the Talana freak out thing". I soon received a comment from Addie, a friend of a friend that I had met briefly in person a few times. She said that this friend of hers might just be perfect for me. My good friend Jennifer also commented on this, saying that she had met him and that Addie may be right. So I gave Addie permission to tell Matt about me... then I heard nothing.

Weeks, even months ticked by, and I gave little thought to that exchange. I was super busy, with subbing, and working, and life... I had little time to add something new to my life. My busy schedule finally caught up with me and my lung function took a dive as infections raged in my lungs. My good friend Richard lent me a laptop while I was in the hospital so I would not die of boredom.

Little did I know, this guy that Addie had told me about was thinking about me. Addie had told him about me, but never really arranged for us to meet. So he found my live journal, found the entry where I was asking if anybody knew anyone, and left a brief comment. As I was in the hospital, and had little to do, the comment came at the perfect time. I wrote him a quick email, letting him know about myself. Then he responded, then I responded. Soon we were writing long emails back and forth, getting to know each other, learning about each others' backgrounds. This provided me ample entertainment as I sat in the boring hospital. If he had commented at any other time, I probably would have been too busy to begin to respond. The fact that I was in the hospital played into our relationship. CF was there from the beginning, and if he was going to be with me, he was going to have to accept it.

I knew I was getting out of the hospital soon, so I dropped hints that I would be in the Eugene area that weekend. Matt picked up on these hints and arranged for us to have a date. I was understandably nervous, going on a date with somebody that I had never met in person, but I was ready to try something new. I dressed for our date, making sure my PICC line was covered by my clothes. A PICC line is an IV access that is by the elbow that allows patients to do home IV's. While Matt knew about my CF, I didn't want to flaunt it right when I met him.

The date went well. It was nice to know a little about each other before hand so that our conversations weren't the stilted, awkwardness of a first date. I decided that I probably liked this guy... and I wanted to see where our relationship would go. He walked me out to my car at the end of our date. I needed to go, as it was time for my IV's. When I settled into my car, I leaned out, and kissed him. I was so touched that he was okay with me, okay with my CF... and I was starting to be interested.

More dates followed, and soon we were spending several evenings together, despite the fact that we lived an hour apart. Our relationship moved quickly. The match between us was so easy, that it took several months before we even had a fight. I've never been in any type of relationship that was as easy as it was with Matt. He knew that he loved me pretty quickly, but it took me a few months to realize it. I remember waking up that February morning knowing that he was the one. We were engaged that July, flew out to South Carolina to meet his family. That October, with my COBRA coverage running out, we married in Reno at the same chapel that my parents were married at 32 years before, on the 34th anniversary of the day that they were engaged, another Friday, October 13th.

Everything aligned perfectly for us. I praise the Lord every day that I found him, that he found me...


Mama Grizzly said...

I haven't commented much but wanted you to know I AM still reading! ;-) What a sweet story about your husband. By the way - I loved the videos of you playing piano!!! I played/took lessons growing up for about 10 years. Not sure I have any questions right now but I DO enjoy your blog!!!

Alice said...

very sweet indeed! wish that would happen to me! Lol!

terri c said...

What a beautiful love story!

Beverly said...

What a wonderful story!