Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Swimming and Big CF Drug News

I went again today :D I was going to go yesterday, but my day ended up being a show of errors and nothing going as expected, although my dinner that I invented the recipe for turned out great! 4 Cheese Stuffed Shells with Alfredo Sauce and Breaded Chicken.

I did some more just movement in the water, than I swam 3 laps in back stroke. I know it's not much, but it's something. My lungs fought me, as they are still weak from my latest cold, but I did it. I plan to try and go again on Thursday and add one more lap. I may go tomorrow, but tomorrow is also bowling night... and I want to be on my game. Bowling is probably my favorite form of exercise, but it really does not work the lungs, so swimming it is for that.

This past week there has been news about a new drug that has really helped CF patients in the trial for it. Marked improvement over 2 weeks time, VX770 a pill, targeted the sodium channels that is the basis for why CF is what it is. While this news was great, it wasn't so much for me. See VX770 is targeted to a specific mutation of the gene that causes CF. CF can be caused by several gene mutations... this drug was targeted for people with a mutation from the G group, while my mutations are both Delta F-508, the most common mutation. However, from reading Carla's Blog I learned that right behind VX770 is VX809 in the pipeline... and it's targeted right at my mutation. It's still being tested for safety, and not even out for trial for CF patients yet, but if it's anything like VX770, this could be huge news!

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Beverly said...

Hi, Talana, I'm just getting caught up on your posts. After I came home from Virginia, I bought a new laptop, and I didn't get all my favorites transferred. I saw yuor comment on Nate's blog this morning. You were #1, so I was glad to see your comment and it brought me here.

I went to a CF Education Day at UVA when I was in Virginia, and a physician was there from the CFF. He told us all about the new drugs that should be approved by 2010 I had read about the one targeted at the small group, and then he mentioned the ones that will help the Double Deltas. My heart sang at the possiblities.