Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The hazard of being connected to the CF world, is the inevitable, that we are all living with a fatal illness that shows no mercy. Usually you can slowly see it coming... the progression of CF is usually slow, steady, and you can prepare.

But I'm not prepared at all. Right now, one of my closest friends with CF is clinging to life in Rhode Island. Jenn had been in the hospital for the past month, working through a number of health issues, and was improving. Then a few days ago, she had a very bad lung bleed. Currently she is in ICU, vented, and it doesn't look good. I am praying with every fiber of my soul, but I am in so much shock as it came from nowhere... and it's MY JENN. Someone that I bonded with so much, though we've never met in person. The cruelty of no warning, nothing, no preparation... it hurts so badly. She is in the process of getting listed for lungs, but now that chance, a chance for new life, may be gone. It just hurts too much.


Amy said...

it hurts like hell...


Alicia said...

I'm so sorry. It feels weird to me-I commented on her blog just last week, those beautiful pictures from her hospital window. I'm just so sorry.