Thursday, January 17, 2008

A trip to the pharmacy...

So today I got to do my big visit to the pharmacy. I make several trips a month, but there is usually one big one where I pick up my auto refills and any over the counter meds I need. Today was it....

time to pick up my Ultrase 20's (digestive enzymes (and harrass the staff about billing it right to get my free weight-gain shakes and vitamins)) iron tablets (sometimes anemic), albuterol (keep those airways open), advair (contorl the airway inflamation), flonase (help those sinuses), and birth control (if you don't know what that's for talk to your mommy). I already picked up zantac and cranberry tablets when I visited to order these meds. Still waiting on my doctor to send in a refill on my miranol (appetite stimulant). The kitty was not picked up at the pharmacy :P . That is our baby Lizzie, checking out what mom brought home. This trip was under $200... thank the Lord for insurance. Thank the Lord even more for insurance free for spouses through my hubby's work.

This is my med area. In front is my basket of all my non-refrigerated meds. There is a lot of them. All the ones listed above plus my allergy tablets, aleve, and my 7% saline. Behind the basket is my nebulizer, all ready to go with my 3 nebulizers. One for my pulmozyme, one for my TOBI, and one for my 7% saline. Next to them is my vest machine. The vest vibrates my lungs to help loosen the mucus. I do my pulmozyme once a day, every day. It helps thin the mucus in my lungs. I do it for the first 10 minutes of my evening vest treatment. During the last 10 minutes of my morning and evening vest I do my 7% saline. This makes me cough violently because the salt water is making my body pump water into my lungs to correct the salty environment. This thins the mucus and makes me cough. Last I unhook the vest and start my TOBI which I do morning and evening, one month on, one month off. It is an antibiotic that helps control infection in my lungs. I will soon do a picture tour of doing my meds :)

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Dancing65Roses said...

Hey! I like that we have the same pink template for our blogs :-)

A question - what is the cranberry for? I'm on pretty much the same stuff, or have been at some point in time. And I admire your system for nebs - amazing. I had a hard time fitting in 5 nebs a day ;-) I just do the hypertonic now - supposedly I'm resistant to the Tobi, so it's IVs for me when I'm sick!

<3 Carla